Madrid to Avila



Prone to harsh winters and short but steamy summers, Avila is the place to go if you're in search of historical beauty and relaxed tranquility. Still retaining a majority of its heritage, it's entirely enclosed within its defensive walls, which boast an impressive 88 watchtowers! An excellent place for a day trip from Madrid.

What to do..
The 12th century cathedral is the oldest example of Gothic religious architecture, with a stunning painting above the altar by Pedro de Berrungeute. Its imaginative design is a credit to its designer though it has been noted as a successful fortress which seems slightly ironic taking into account its purpose. It may also be worth visiting Palacio de los Davila, the palace of a fighting noble family; it was built between the 13th and 16th centuries.

Festivals and Food
It seems everywhere in Spain knows how to celebrate a festival, and Avila is no exception. Its Fiesta de Santa Teresa, dedicated to local saint Teresa, is a period of fun with concerts and fireworks for all!

Avila's primary dish is a confection made from a combination of eggs, flour and sugar which is called Yema de Avila and is the perfect way to put that meddlesome diet on hold. You will be pleased to know that Avila is a great place for high grade meats such as T-bone steaks.