Music in Madrid


concertAndalusia has flamenco, Catalunya has the rumba, Galicia has the bagpipes and Madrid has... the chotis?

Strangely, Madrid's typical music and dance is Scottish in origin, named as such for the German scottisch. The chotis came into fashion in during the 19th century and stuck in the working-class barrios of Lavapiés and La Latina. See more about it in Madrid festivals.

These days, music in Madrid is as varied as any major world capital. Along with Barcelona, it attracts acts big and small from all over Spain and the world.

You can find out about most concerts in any newspaper or the Guía del Ocio, a weekly entertainment guide. Besides, most free walls in the city center are plastered with posters announcing major and minor concerts. If a big-name group is passing through, you'll be hard-pressed to miss the news.

You can buy tickets for most concerts at FNAC, a large department store on c/ Preciados, just off Puerta del Sol, or at any El Corte Inglés. (See Madrid shopping).

Online, is the main Spanish website for concert listings and purchases.

See Madrid concerts for venue listings.