Madrid to Sevilla



in regards to southern Spain, Sevilla is certainly dominating key factors such as the cultural and artistic side. It also has a strong economy and prides itself on being the financial capital in the south.

With a combination of these factors, it suggests that Sevilla is not only a strong and influential place but also has very interesting activities, venues and attractions! A trip from Madrid to Sevilla is one that is frequently made, thanks to the numerous modes of transport connecting the two cities.

Art Attack
Sevilla is packed with things to do and indulging in the arts isn't an exception. As mentioned, Sevilla is the artistic capital of southern Spain, so hopes are rightly raised high. The first on the map is The Museum of Fine Arts; created in the 1700's by Juan De Oviedo, it displays the raw talent of artists such as Zurbaran. The Regional Archaeological Museum of Sevilla, established in 1929, displays stellar examples of the finest Roman and Tartessian collections.

Sports sports sports!
Their professional football club, Sevilla FC, is one of the oldest clubs in Andalusia and the oldest in Sevilla itself. With an impressive team and great players, it's needless to say their gameplay enforces a high level of excitement for the crowd. They have even won their fair share of decent trophies and championships over the years.

The delights of cuisine
If you're on your way to checking out all of the sights in Sevilla, then you will understandably work up an appetite- no problem! Check out this quick selection of places depending on your mood. A great tapas bar to get that reboost of energy is Bodega Santa Cruz, with a welcoming atmosphere and high quality food. Bocadillos are plentyful in Bar Laredo and you can throw in your favourite filling. Finally for a bit of the Cuban style thrown in with a wide selection of vegetarian options try Habanita it's sure to not disappoint.