Cathedral of Toledo, Spain


toledo cathedralConstruction on the famous cathedral of Toledo, Spain began in 1226. The basic layout consists of 5 knaves with the floor plan of a Latin cross. On the whole, Toledo's cathedral is considered the best example of the peninsular Gothic style in all of Spain thanks to its spiral towers, flying buttresses, soaring dark interior and pointed arches supported by 88 columns. Nevertheless, Renaissance and Baroque influences are also evident, as the church took about 250 years to finish and was further embellished to reflect the changing trends of the times.

The cathedral's main entrance, finished in 1418, is divided into 3 grand doorways (from left to right): the Door of Judgment, the Door of Pardon and the Door of the Scribes. Inside, you can marvel at an intricately carved choir, beautiful stained glass windows more than twenty embedded chapels.

You can visit the Toledo Cathedral from 10:30am-6:30pm, Monday - Saturday or from 2pm-6:30pm on Sundays.