Madrid Nightclubs


There are a handful of factors that distinguish Madrid nightclubs from bars.

Closing time: 3.30am - dawn
Size: they tend to be larger than bars and, due to Spain's new smoking laws, might have a non-smoking section.
Music: DJs and sometimes live music. The most prevalent style is house, techno or electronic, but you can also find funk, hip hop and rock.
Price: the vast majority of Madrid nightclubs charge at the door (8€-15 €), but the cover usually includes a "consumición," a drink of any kind. Once inside, prices skyrocket compared to bars. Beers cost 5€, mixed drinks 6€ and up.

Below, a sampling of some popular nightclubs in Madrid. For a reccommended weekend itinerary round Madrid clubs check out our Weekend in Madrid guide.

Palacio GaviriaMegaclubs
Madrid's megaclubs often boast multiple stories with different DJs and music styles all-in-one. Usually it's a mix of house, techno pop, and hip hop. Expect lines at the door, heavy covers and dress codes (no sneakers, boys).
Kapital: c/ Atocha, 124, Huertas. Metro Atocha. Closes 6am. 15€ door charge. 7 stories.
Joy Eslava: c/ Arenal, 11, Puerta del Sol. Metro Sol or Ópera. Closes 6am +. 15€ door charge w/o flyer.
Ananda: Avda. Ciudad de Barcelona s/n, Atocha. Metro Atocha-Renfe. Closes 5am. Rooftop terrace.
Cool: c/ Isabel la Católica, 6, Puerta del Sol. Metro Santo Domingo. Closes 6am.
Palacio Gaviria: c/ Arenal, 9, Puerta del Sol. Metro Sol or Ópera. Closes 6am. Thursdays international night.
Pachá: c/ Barceló, 11, Malasaña. Metro Tribunal. Closes 6am. Founded in Ibiza, now worldwide.

danzoo House/ Techno
It's hard to weed out the good house from the bad, but aficionados swear by the following:
The Room at Stella : c/ Arlabán, 7, Puerta del Sol. Metro Sevilla. Closes 6am.
Goldfield: c/ Ventura Rodríguez, 7, Plaza de España. Metro Plaza de España or Ventura Rodríguez. Closes 7:30am.
Danzoo: Ronda de Toledo, 1, El Rastro. Metro Puerta de Toledo. Open 'til dawn.
Space of Sound at Macumba: Plaza de Chamartín, Chamartín (north of Salamanca). Metro Chamartín. Sun, 10am-6pm.

live musicElectro/ Rock
These locales attract an eclectic mix of hipsters, rockers, vanguard art types and queers. Think 80s and 90s electro-influenced rock.
Low Club: Plaza de los Mostenses, 11, Plaza de España. Metro Plaza de España or Santo Domingo. Open 'til dawn. Concerts & clubbing.
Ocho & Medio: c/ Mesonero Romanos, 13, Puerta del Sol. Metro Gran Vía or Callao. Fri 1-6am. Pop-punk.
El Sol: c/ Jardines, 3, Puerta del Sol. Metro Sol or Gran Vía. Closes 5am. A Madrid classic.

Hip Hop
Many Madrid nightclubs change names and styles on different days of the week. For some reason, Wednesday tends to be hip hop night. The ones below are some classics, but keep your eye out: more and more clubs are responding to the growing popularity of hip hop.
Bash: Plaza de Callao, 4, Puerta del Sol. Metro Callao. Wed until 5:30am. Madrid's best in hip hop.
Bar la Comedia: c/ Príncipe, 16, Huertas. Metro Sevilla. Closes 3:30am. Hip hop dancing in a bar-like setting.
Chesterfield Café: c/ Serrano Jover, 5, Plaza de España. Metro Argüelles. Closes 4:30am. American food & music.

JazzFunk / Acid Jazz
Most of the funk clubs listed below are intimate settings that double as live music venues.
Marula: c/ de Caños Viejos, 3, Plaza Mayor. Metro La Latina. Closes 6am.
La Boca del Lobo: c/ Echegaray, 11, Huertas. Metro Sevilla. Closes 3:30am.
El Juglar: c/ Lavapiés, 37, Lavapiés. Metro Lavapiés. Closes 3:30am.
Siroco: c/ San Dimás, 3, Malasaña. Metro Noviciado. Closes 6am.
Kathmandu: c/ Señores de Luzón, 3, Plaza Mayor. Metro Ópera or Sol. Closes 6am.